People Offers (season 2)
Country of Origin United States
No. of episodes 22
Original channel Koopatrev (Goanimate)
Original run September 26, 2012 - May 8, 2013
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The animated series People Offers's second season aired its first episode on September 26, 2012, on the animation site Goanimate. Every episode was created, developed, written and directed by the Goanimate user Koopatrev.


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Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
"Mayor, Help me!" September 26, 2012 DCX01 1 5
When Jim's school project gets way out of hand, Jill decides to ask the mayor of the city. However, things don't turn out the way they are supposed to. Meanwhile, Brad helps Bob with an addictive online game.
"Insult me, Madam!" October 3, 2012 DCX02 2 6
The school's new teacher just arrived. It turns out that she is in the same class as the Jim, Bob, Brad and Jill. The four try to figure out the secrets behind the teacher.
"Wave the Attack" October 10, 2012 DCX03 3 7
Brad and Jim are on a vacation in Northern Canada, where heat and cold waves are affecting the city at the same time. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles (where they originally live in), Bob and Jill attempt to grow their friendship.
"Shells Don't Call, Brad" October 24, 2012 DCX04 4 8
The four are revising for a test the next day. Jim ends up playing video games, Bob and Jill lose their pencils and Jim wouldn't let them borrow any and Brad tries to figure out where his mysterious sudden stupidity came from.
"Bob to the Test tube" October 31, 2012 DCX05 5 9
Bob begins his interest in chemistry, so Jim and Brad try to help him. Meanwhile, an embarrassing incident in school causes Jill to lose her reputation.
"The Last Paw" November 14, 2012 DCX06 6 10
Brad finds a cat delivered to his door. Meanwhile, Bob and Jim attempt to create a viral video, so they decide to use a Jackass theme. They get their baseball bats, and hit Jill in her face, bat, crotch and legs. However, things don't turn out so good when she ends up in the hospital.
"Cat Months" November 21, 2012 DCX07 7 11
While recovering from her injuries, Brad decides to give her his cat that was delivered to him at his door. Meanwhile, Jim and Bob think of ideas to apologize to Jill for her injuries caused by them.
"Thank you, Ma'am" November 28, 2012 DCX08 8 12
The "new teacher" finds out about Jill's injuries and lets the whole class write comforting letters to her at the hospital.
"Mississippi Vacation " December 5, 2012 DCX09 9 13
After Jill's recoveries, the four go on a vacation to Mississippi. However, they go through many troubles that affect Jim's sudden anger problems.
"Adventurous Adventures" December 19, 2012 DCX10 10 14
The school goes on a trip to New York. However, the four end up on the wrong flight and arrive at Toronto.
"Circumstances Offended" January 16, 2013 DCX11 11 15
Jim gets into a digital verbal fight at school with another student. Bob teaches Jim how to think of witty comebacks that might make him win. Meanwhile, Brad and Jill prepare for a lemonade stand.
"Office Offers" January 30, 2013 DCX12 12 16
Bob and Brad visit a local factory to complete a survey for a school project. Meanwhile, Jill buys a laptop for herself using all her money. Things don't turn out right when Jim uses it.
"May Cups Fly?" February 6, 2013 DCX13 13 17
After finding out his drinking cups are all broken, Jim decides to create another one off his own hands. Meanwhile, Bob gets addicted to television, so Brad and Jill decide to get the TV off him.
"They Aren't Correct" February 27, 2013 DCX14 14 18
After a hard examination test, the four argue over the correct answers according to their knowledge when they get excited about their predicted scores.
"Only Skip Tests For Fun" March 20, 2013 DCX15 15 19
Things get awkward when Bob forgets about practicing for the test, so he decides to skip the test. Meanwhile, Jim, Jill and Brad have a hard time figuring out the answers.
"Before the School" (Part 1) March 27, 2013 DCX16 16 20
When the school finds out about Bob and his "skipping-test" incident with ridiculous excuses, he decides to fight the school with a number of planned explanations.
"After the School" (Part 2) April 3, 2013 DCX17 17 21
When the school believes Bob's clever explanations for his incident, Jill decides to tell the school about it. Brad and Jim will do whatever they can to prevent Jill from doing it.
"Expected Visitors" April 10, 2013 DCX18 18 22
The four do something wrong and wait for their punishment.
"Overall, They are Thus Equivalent" April 17, 2013 DCX19 19 23
The four discover the effects of learning math.
"Dammit Ran it!" April 24, 2013 DCX20 20 24
When Jim plays a harmful prank to his ten-year-old brother, things don't turn out good when they arrive at the hospital. Meanwhile, the other three have trouble with their homework, and decide to take action and sue the school.
"What Did You Just Say?" May 1, 2013 DCX21 21 25
After a heated argument between an unreasonable teacher and Bob, Brad decides to play a prank on the teacher after learning from Jim's history. Meanwhile, Jill loses her key to the four's apartment.
"Your Argument is Invalid" May 8, 2013 DCX22 22 26
After Bob loses his money to gambling in Las Vegas, the other three help him by revenge. Things turn bad when they all lose.
Note: This episode's summary is continued in the next season.

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