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People Offers (season 1)
Country of Origin United States
No. of episodes 4
Original channel Koopatrev (Goanimate)
Original run April 11, 2012 - May 9, 2012
Season chronology
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List of People Offers episodes

The animated series People Offers's first season premiered on GoAnimate on April 11, 2012. All episodes were created by Koopatrev.


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Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
"Pilot" April 11, 2012 ACX01 1 1
The four main characters, Brad (Jill's brother), Bob, Jill (Brad's sister) and Jim reside in Brad's house (all four as roommates) as teenagers in a street in Los Angeles, California. Jill finds out that she lost her assessment sheet for school, therefore getting in trouble. Meanwhile, Bob and Brad teach Jim a magic trick to show for their school, Banford School's Talent show.
"Army Inductions" April 18, 2012 ACX02 2 2
While auditioning for the talent show, Jim, Bob and Brad see a poster about an acting subject assessment on a subject: World War II film. Meanwhile, a bird shits on Jill and Brad.
"Total with Bob" April 25, 2012 ACX03 3 3
Brad and Jill gets furious with Bob when he attends another party as the same day as Jill's. Meanwhile, Jim attends a painting class.
"The Lunch Insulator" May 9, 2012 ACX04 4 4
After breaking the rules of their "School Lunch - Total cost divided by 4" policy, Jill has to pay for everybody else's (Brad, Bob and Jim) lunch in school.

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