Becoming an admin is not easy. However, since you chose to come to this page to get instructions on how to get nominated/nominate yourself, then this page will show you the correct way.


Knowing the rules

Click here for the full guide on admins and their requirements.

While putting a substitute wikitext template on it, remember that the fields "answer1" to "answer3" are the answers to the following questions, respectively.

1. What are your main contributions to the wiki?
2. What are your main administrative contributions to the wiki?
3. How will you help improve this wiki?

Article box

Here is a "Create Article Box" so you could create the page here.

Nominating yourself

Create another page with the title "Koopatrev's Goanimate Wiki:Request for adminship/Your username". (replace Your username with your username)

1. On that page, put the following wikitext on it and nothing else.

{{subst:Adminship Request SN|your username|sign= ~~~~|info= your wiki background information and why you think you should be an administrator|answer1=|answer2=|answer3=}}

2. Replace "your username" with your real username, and in the "info" field, write according to the information given above. Then write your answers in the "answer1/2/3" fields; the questions are on top of this page.
3. Save the page and await for results. This should take less than a week.

Nominating someone else

Create another page with the title "Koopatrev's Goanimate Wiki:Request for adminship/Nominating someone else/Your username". (replace Your username with the person's username you are nominating) On that page, post the following wikitext on it. (replace the capital letter text with the answer)
If this is your second nomination, then put a /nom2 after the title. Replace "2" with the number of the nomination.

1. On that page, put the following wiki on it and nothing else.

{{subst:Adminship Request ON|cname= CANDIDATE USERNAME|nname= NOMINATOR USERNAME|info= |answer1|answer2|answer3=}}

2. Do step 2 according to the above's step 2.
3. Do step 3 according to the above's step 3.

Current nominations





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