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This text-only version of the main page does not provide the FCS feed. It only provides a brief explanation of the wiki, links to useful KGW namespace pages, and the news feed for both News and What's New?.

Text-only version introduced on: August 1, 2013

About this wikiEdit

The Koopatrev's Goanimate Wiki is a wiki providing information on an account called "Koopatrev", which, according to this wiki, is affiliated with a production company known as Koopatrev Productions, on a website known as GoAnimate, where users can create and distribute animation using their extremely simple yet useless web software. "Koopatrev" is not popular anywhere, meaning this wiki is only for those who do know it. Also, note that this wiki contains many hoaxes, and is unreliable.


All the other useful KGW pages, the activity feed, and templates are located in the Main stuff page.


News, officially News and What's New?, are a group of news segments.

  • News tells us about this wiki
  • What's New? tells us about the Koopatrev media

Full articles are full-length news articles if more information than a single sentence is needed to post a news story.

The following subsections are the news feed for News and What's New?. The news feed is grouped every month; the current month is January 2018.

News feed for NewsEdit

Template:News/January 2018

News feed for What's New?Edit

In the news... (What's New?)

Date: January 2018