An Article Status (AS) is a symbol to identify the status(es) of an article. Not all articles have statuses; in fact only some do. An article is given a status which fits the article; for example, a Good Article is given to an article which fits the Good Article Criteria (not the Wikipedia version).


An article with no status means that it is a normal article with no current status.

News has related news:

MPA article status removed

The Most Popular Article status was removed on August 17, 2013.

Nominate an article


To nominate an article for an article status (except from the normal one), you have to make sure the article is decent in size and has some images. No, sources don't matter. Remember that this is a hoax-filled wiki, and sometimes it's just for fun. Follow these steps to nominate an article.

  1. Go to the article's history page and find out who the creator of the article is.
  2. Contact the creator by posting a message on their talk page and say that you wish to nominate one of their articles for one of the following: (use these templates - Template:Nomination (user talk), Template:Nomination (article talk))
4. If the creator of the article does not respond within a week, then go to the article's talk page and post a message about your nomination. Other people can then vote for or against the nomination. If the creator responds after the one-week period, then they can only vote with the people. The highest vote count wins, and if no one votes, then that means the nominator 'wins', and the article becomes one of the article statuses.
5. If you wish to demote or promote an article, then do the above steps, which are pretty much the same.
6. If your nomination is for the MPA status, then make sure that you put the {{AST}} template on the article's talk page if the nomination is successful. You do not have to put any template on the article itself, as the MPA status are only placed on an article's talk page if it is one of the MPA's.

Note: If you are the creator of the page and you wish to nominate it, then you do not have to post anything to anyone's talk page; you can simply put the GA/FA/FL/MPA template onto the article/article's talk page. Make sure you also put the {{AST}} template on the article's talk page.

List of statusesEdit

List of article statuses
Group Name Notes Created on
Removed on
Good and Featured articles Good Article (GA)
  • An article that fits the Good Article Criteria
July 21, 2012
Featured Article (FA) Featured Article
  • An article that fits the Featured Article Criteria
July 21, 2012
Featured Article of the Day (FADAY)
  • A Featured Article to be featured in the main page
December 23, 2012
None Featured List (FL)
  • An article that fits the Featured List Criteria
  • Same concept with Featured Articles
July 22, 2012
Most Popular Article (MPA)
  • An article that has the highest amount of edits (only top 1). Loses its status when it is not in the top 5 anymore.
July 24, 2012
August 17, 2013
Normal article status
  • Concept/idea of the "normal article", but there was no term called the "normal article", as every article was "normal"
December 22, 2011
  • The term "normal article"/"normal article status" was coined on this date
  • An article with no status whatsoever
January 12, 2013
Article statuses (V · T · E · H)
Group GA and FA Good article · Featured article
Other Featured list · Most Popular Article
Special Featured Article of the Day (FADAY)
FA templates FADAY · FADAY article

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