For the default page, see Koopatrev's Goanimate Wiki:Administrators.

Admins are people who could have more privileges to editing in this wiki.

What exactly are admins?

Administrators are those who could do the following things.

Pre-prepared by Wikia

  • block other editors
  • protect pages
  • delete pages
  • manage special pages
  • edit protected pages
  • see more here

Pre-prepared specifically by this wiki

  • write for NWN's news stories and full articles
  • review episode lists
  • see full list here

How to become an admin

You could become an admin if you follow these steps. They are not easy.

The Steps 1: Knowing the Right Thing

You need requirements for becoming an admin.

  • You have to have a minimum experience of 21 days on this wiki
  • Edit count is not important, unless there are very few edits
  • Constructive editing

The Steps 2: The Race

You could either nominate yourself or have someone nominate you. Click here for further information.


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